It’s one of the most hyped about and loved products in the beauty industry this year, so when I got the change to borrow one I was beyond excited – like a kid at Christmas.

If you haven’t seen pictures of my hair, I have long very thick hair which takes ages to dry even when damp so the hair dryer I currently use is good and I mean good, I don’t mess around with attachments just a simple sectioned straight blow dry and I’m done. So the Dyson really does have to live up to the its industry-leading standards.

The hairdryer itself is a thing of beauty, it stays true to the Dyson style – elegant but with a twist. Dyson’s hair dryer is basically a big hole – like their large bladeless floor fans, but a mini handheld and extremely light version (no achy arms whilst using this hair dryer). It also works in the same way as the bladeless fans, the cylinder makes use of the brands ‘Air Multiplier technology’, which takes air from all sides, multiplies its power, and pushes it out onto your hair through the right. Simply magic!

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

When doing a bit of research on the hairdryer I found out that Dyson spent millions developing their latest product, building new dedicated beauty testing labs, hiring new engineers, employing the expertise of top stylists and even getting hold of 1,000 miles of real human hair (WHAT?) to try 600 prototype dryers.  The engineers were sent to hairdressing school for lessons so they would understand how professionals use hair dryers in their work, being able to design a product to suit every hairdryer need.

So, I washed my hair as normal minus a new shampoo and conditioner change (which I am still making my mind up on), plugged in the lightweight hairdryer and off I went. Normally hairdryers are loud, but the Dyson hairdryer was so quiet I didn’t even have to shout over it to speak to my Mum as she peered round the corner asking “is it good?” With easy buttons to control heat (three settings – cold, medium heat and hot heat) and power (low, medium and high) I knew this would be a more manageable task – one which I used to hate. The hairdryer also has a stainless steel ‘magic magnetic interface’ where you can magnetically take off and change accessories – I put good use to the smoothing nozzle, something I struggle with when blow drying my hair.

Engineered with elegance


Magnetic interface makes attaching styling accessories easy


Accessories – diffuser, styling concentrator, smoothing nozzle


The time it took to dry my hair was cut in half, thanks to the super-powerful motor, not to mention I didn’t need another shower once I dried my hair! The hairdryer promised sleek and shiny straight locks, but I’m unsure as to whether I felt this to be true. My hair is literally crazy at the best of times, but I had really high hopes that I wouldn’t have to use straighteners after blowing my hair – this didn’t happen, I had to go over with straighteners. Despite this, my hair felt super soft and shined for days (and it wasn’t the grease even on day 4 haha!)

The finished results (please ignore my pj’s haha!)

I think the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is pretty good despite the hefty price tag of £300 – but much like their vacuum cleaners, you’ll keep wasting money on numerous cheaper versions until one day, you bite the bullet (something which my Mum did after just one use). Ok I wasn’t a 100% blow away with the results but I am definitely going to give it a try again, especially as this one isn’t borrowed.

Buy from John Lewis, £299.99