I have said it before and I am now saying it again, “I am back”. It has taken me over seven weeks in a government induced lockdown with a deadly virus sweeping through planet earth to get me back writing again and I am absolutely ok with that. I have been seeing lots of things on social media about ‘using this time to better yourself’, but what about slowing down, appreciating life and chilling for once in our lives?! This amount of ‘chill time’ is not going to happen again so yes Sharon, it has taken me seven weeks and the coronavirus to get me back writing again. 

Since I’ve been quite (not posting on here/Instagram), I consciously decided to work on parts of my life that I have always wanted to achieve big things for example, in my work life, love life and grown-up life. So, let’s bring you up to speed-ish from June 2018 until this present day with some of the big accomplishment and failures of life since then.

My first accomplishment, and slight failure, was I purchased my own property. Only a handful of my closest friends and family even knew this happened. It started late 2018 and went on for fourteen whole tedious months. After a huge amount of stress, sleepless nights and a thousand emails back and forth between myself, my solicitor and the developer’s solicitors, oh and did I mention a huge amount of money, I decided to pull out of purchasing my first property. Yes I was absolutely gutted not only had I purchased a lot of furniture, including a beautiful bed from Made.com that currently sits in my Mum’s living room, but after fourteen months it felt like a long time coming and the setbacks were pilling up. Nonetheless, even though I’m not writing this post in my beautiful new apartment I sit here comfortably and say to you, I don’t regret this being a failure (despite feeling gutted about it) and I’m actually very proud to be able to say I did purchase my own property by myself – it just wasn’t meant to be. Purchasing a property shouldn’t be taken light-heartedly because nothing prepares you for the emotions and anxiety it gives you when you first purchase property. For those who know me personally, they will know I am not a crier but bloody hell I shed tears on a weekly basis pending valuation reports, mortgage agreements, paying the deposit wondering if this was the right thing to do and waiting for a completion date – which never came through in the end. 

So, that took up fourteen months of my life but with all that crazy shit going on I finally fell in love (GASP!). I wasn’t sure about writing this section or any of these parts as I’m soooo private, but that really doesn’t work when you blog as you have to share so much of your life with mostly unknown people and a few who just want to be nosey. So deep breath, I’ll share a little more with you – I have met the most wonderful man. He’s handsome, intelligent, funny, a bloody great cook and we’ve pretty much inseparable since first meeting nearly a year ago (he can’t get rid of me), but because we don’t live in the same household, we are kept apart due to lockdown which is incredibly difficult and bloody annoying. Yes, I fully understand the lockdown is to protect our NHS but I finally met my god damn man! Now more than ever communication and having those virtual date nights are so important. I guess that would be my advice for any of my readers if you’re isolating away from your other half, make sure communication is key sometimes messages can be read in the wrong way, make an effort and organise things like date night, go for ‘virtual’ dinner, have a few drinks together – it really does make the difference for your relationship and it definitely perks you up.

Wow what next? I guess discussing work is next. Like anyone, sometimes you get so caught up in work and the work routine you don’t come up for air – this has been me for over a year even though I’ve had other stuff going on (property and forming new relationships). I have been very fortunate to have progressed in my career with the company I work for, taking on a new area of the business and developing it. For those who don’t know, I’m a Digital Marketing Manager so I create online strategies, content, and all things websites for an automotive company and their dealer network. I basically do what I should be doing on my own website 9-5 Monday to Friday. So, my reasons for not blogging recently and allowing myself to have a little break is because sometimes I’ve had a shit week at work, and I couldn’t think of anything worse than to write trying to promote something when it’s all I’ve been doing for the last 8/9 hours that day. I honestly love working with the clients I work with, the strategies we create together and the work that gets produced but that was my focus and I’m trying to realign my focus to fit everything in as life has slowed down.

I know this post hasn’t given you many juicy details, but I hope it’s given enough and it’s just a start of me getting back in the game and dusting off the cobwebs that is my blog. I hope you have enjoyed my first blog post of 2019 and 2020 (sounds crazy) and I will be sure to be back with some new posts/reviews or something whilst we endure a few more weeks of lockdown.

Remember stay home and stay safe.