Wow February has literally flown by – it’s been a HUGE month for me! I’ll rewind slightly… so I left my old job at the end of January with the intention of becoming an intern at a PR company in Oxford which fell through a week before I was due to leave my current job at the time. At the time I didn’t know what the hell I was going to do, but used the last week or so in employment to try and find something – but deep down I knew I didn’t just want any old job. I wanted to start my career in the field that I had worked so hard for at university and one that I was passionate about.

My last day came, I was anxious as hell! The drive to work was the worst, I get pretty sentimental about things so in my head I was thinking ‘this is the last time I’ll be driving on this road at this time’ (slightly silly). But the day was easier than I thought, I was expecting to be an absolute blubber – mascara, tears and tissues everywhere! But, it really wasn’t like that. I tried my absolute hardest to keep a brave face knowing deep down that come Monday I was actually unemployed and I think that’s what was going through my head the whole day. The girls I worked with were so generous giving me lots of beautiful gifts, it didn’t feel like a goodbye because we all became friends and have many dinners and cocktail nights planned. But I couldn’t help think of Monday, my first day of unemployment. I despised that thought because there’s so many connotations to being unemployed – people may think that you haven’t been actively searching for a new role (which I was doing every bloody day for about six months plus) and that you might try and get whatever you can out of the government because you don’t actually want a job. All of these untrue for me, but all of these thoughts and more were hugely playing on my mind but I battled on knowing there was something out there for me. It turned out that I only had to battle for a few days before I had an interview which went so well. It was one of those interviews that you felt at ease, not in a cocky or arrogant way but I loved the sound of the job description, working for a huge global company would be an absolute honour. I felt like I really put my all into the interview and it FINALLY paid off! So, to put things onto some sort of timeline I left work as an unemployed person on the Friday and by the following Wednesday I had been offered a new job which I accepted straight away. I couldn’t believe my luck! I felt incredibly lucky and blessed, someone was definitely making sure the stars were aligned that day! For me it had been a longtime coming but it feels 100 times better when it something actually comes play.

So here I am, at the end of February after nearly a month in my new role, (hence why I have been slightly quiet on here) and every time I drive to work I have to pinch myself a little because I am working for one of the biggest companies in the world and they saw something in me when I wanted to give up hope. You literally couldn’t write it. I am still over the moon and absolutely beaming with it all. I have thrown my myself into the role which I can’t really give too much away as it’s project based and is slightly secret until things go live. I’ve learnt hundreds of new terms and I’m becoming more digitally aware which I would never had thought I would know/understand. I am so looking forward to the next year when my role really comes into play – getting creative, becoming more digitally-savvy and just enjoying my career.

My new job has been a massive focus of my time and I guess it’s been a huge distraction from general life – i.e the fact it was Valentines Day the other week (which I spent in the gym) and I was still a single pringle but, to be honestly with you, during the week there’s no time to date or be sociable – I work, go to the gym, cook dinner and then go to bed and do it all again until Friday rolls around. Some may think that’s boring but I love routine and that’s one I’ve implemented on my life for a few years now – it works for me. Occasionally I skip the gym because I’m too tired and just want to crash at home watching Netflix but most of the week I like to be strict. I think when you have a career, which this is for me (not just a job) and you want to put your all into it so a few things get put on the back burner. But, yes I am still dating (not actively searching as I haven’t been on Tinder for about three weeks – I need to get rid of it!) but I have been on a few dates with someone who is incredibly lovely and genuine which have gone really well, but I’m just taking each date as it comes – putting no pressure on it and just enjoying the company.

I have a few things lined up for the beginning of March; I’m off to see The Weeknd (who is my absolute favourite artist in the WORLD) the first week of March. But I hope that some ideas will come back to me so I can write on here more than I have done the past couple of weeks (zilch).

So that was just a little update to let you all know that I haven’t forgotten about writing or posting on here I have been struggling with what to write as I’ve been so ‘new job focused’. But, I do post daily on my Instagram account @autumndays_ so if you don’t follow me already you know what to do to keep up to date.