This year I have really wanted to improve the texture of my skin. Last year I was experimenting more with makeup and pallets, this year is skin. Over the last couple of months, I have collected a handful of items which have really changed the way my skin looks in terms of texture, glowiness and basically bringing my skin back to life. Four of these products are pretty Instagram famous and one item isn’t even skincare, but it has transformed my make-up for life (dramatic I know).

So, first up is Nivea’s Rich Nourishing Body Lotion. I know this product isn’t necessarily Instagram famous, however I watch a lot of YouTube videos/vlogs and tutorials and this body lotion caught my eye when my favourite Beauty YouTubber Desi Perkins had this in one of her videos. I suffer from really dry skin on my elbows and on my shins, and I used to be super lazy and just get out the shower and not moisturise. Now, I cannot live without it and I no longer suffer from ashy legs or elbows. The lotion is infused with deep moisture serum and almond oil so it’s super rich which you can tell from its formula, plus it gives your skin this beautiful healthy glow. I normally smother my body in the lotion before I go to bed so when I wake up in the morning I don’t have that struggle to put on tight jeans, however I would say if you get dressed straight after application it might be a workout! I’ve had the same bottle for over two months now (400ml bottle) and with daily use it’s still not finished.


Nivea Essentials Rich Nourishing Body Lotion (400ml) £5.00 available from Boots.

Next up, is a facial treatment. Remember when Kim Kardashian brought the world ‘Vampire Facials’? Well, this is basically a Vampire Facial in a bottle and at a fraction of the price! The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solutionhas been one of my best buys this year. After seeing it over Instagram, I really felt my skin needed some TLC and it had to be in the form of something I would never choose if I was in a shop. I’ve been following The Ordinaryon Instagram and constantly see raving reviews on Cult Beauty of how their products have transformed peoples skin – I was ready to be one of those people! The product contains AHA (Alpha hydroxyl acids) which exfoliate the skin’s topmost layer for a brighter and even appearance, while BHAs (beta hydroxyl acid) exfoliates the skins more deeply to clear pore congestion. Both acids (don’t be scared of that word) help to battle blemishes and boost radiance – which are my skin goals this year! As this product is an acid-based I would always suggest doing your research before buying/testing it and always follow the instructions as it is acid and can damage your skin (not to scare you). I follow the suggested use – twice per week and leave on your skin for no longer than 10 minutes. After first use the surface of my skin felt so smoother and looked smoother, the blemishes I had on my face were reduced and continue to reduce, if I have any, plus my skin for the first time in a long time had a natural glow! If you suffer from blemished skin like me and really want your skin to look healthier and brighter without using a product which will make you break-out, this product is for you.


The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution £6.30 available at Cult Beauty.

Next up, the infamous Pixi Glow Tonic. I must admit I have been indecisive on whether to buy this product even though I know everyone uses it or has it in their draw I just didn’t know whether it would work for me because I do breakout. However, I didn’t need to worry as this toner has made my skin so glowy and combined with the The Ordinaryandthe product I’m yet to talk about below – these are the winning combination in my eyes, especially for oily yet dry skin which breaks-out and is dull. Pixi Glow Toniccontains 5% glycolic acid which is a gentle exfoliator dissolving the dull skin cells and revealing the ‘new’ brighter and glowy cells on your skins surface. The product also contains aloe to sooth and hydrate to promote cell health and vibrancy with the addition of witch hazel to firm and tone. I use the product twice a day – day and night on an organic cotton pad after washing my face.


Pixi Glow Tonic (250ml) £18 available at Cult Beauty.

The second to last product is Mabel + Mel Lumilixr Serum. This product isn’t new for me as I am on my fourth bottle of this magic potion, but I really does deserve some recognition, plus if the Goddesses as Cult Beauty categorise it as a ‘Cult’ then it’s good in my eyes! The Lumilixr Serum is packed full of skin-nourishing ingredients from vitamin C which deflects environmental damage on the skin and of course increases collagen (give me more!), to hyaluronic acid which reduces the depth of lines and wrinkles hydrating and replenishing the ‘bounce’ and youthful dewiness. This product has also helped me with my breakouts, I tend to not get that many anymore and if I do, using the Lumilixr serum literally gets rid of them – for example if I have a breakout during the day, I use this at night and by the morning the breakout has gone, fully healed and has left my face without a trace (bye bye breakout!). I apply the serum twice a day after cleansing and really work into my skin with my finger tips to help stimulate the cells even more. The serum can also be used on your lips to plump and prep before lipstick or even mixed with your favourite foundation. The Lumilix Serum is my absolute skincare staple and it should be yours too, you will notice a difference within the first day of using it – it is like magic in a bottle, plus it’s so affordable!


Mabel + Meg Lumilixr Serum (30ml) £39.99 (20ml £29) available at Mabel + Megor Cult Beauty.

The final product, I really didn’t know whether to include as it’s more of a skincare post – however this foundation has changed my whole makeup life forever! It is of course the super famous Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation, one of the hottest foundation in the beauty industry. So, I thought I would include this insane foundation because I get stuck in my ways in terms of foundation and rarely reach out for new ones plus, with my new and improved skincare routine and the way the above products have made my skin look I needed a foundation that would complement all the hard work my skincare had done. I must admit this is not my everyday foundation because it is so full coverage however it is so flawless that I wish I could wear it every day. The #FauxFilter Foundation offers a seamless, full-coverage matte finish which does not transfer or fade throughout the day/evening. The foundation claims to be water resistant however, you will not catch me near any water with a full face of makeup on – no thank you! Anyway, the formula is packed with skin-unifying pigments to give you a demi-matte effect and that HD/Instagram filter worthy looking skin. The one thing I really hate about the product is that it is heavily perfumed, when you’re used to foundations having no scent to going to one that smells of your Grandma’s perfume is like woah! I can however put up with the smell because it really does give you an Instagram-worthy #FauxFilter finish no matter if you’re having a bad skin day.


Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation (35ml) £32, available from Cult Beautyand Selfridges.

So, there it is my skincare (and foundation) saviours! Please comment below if have tried any of these products as I’d love to know how you get on with them or any recommendations you have for anything new!