What a busy two weeks I’ve just had! You may have remembered in my previous post that I was in London on work experience for two weeks – one week at a big PR company Blue Rubicon and at IPC Media’s Woman Magazine … here’s what happened.

Monday 23rd June – Friday 27th June @ Blue Rubicon:

I applied to do a weeks work experience through a scheme called ‘Go Think Big’ – to which my application was chosen (I was pretty chuffed), so having got my application/CV chosen from a group of people I was really looking forward to working in a PR environment as it’s nothing I get taught about at uni. I got the train to London Bridge (which was so packed and stuff – the week of super hot weather here in England) as the Blue Rubicon building was just minutes from both London Bridge and also Tower Bridge, situated in ‘More’ buildings.

I was speechless by the building, it was insane!

Blue Rubicon

Blue Rubicon


So modern and contemporary – this followed suit all the way into the Blue Rubicon office which was on the 5th floor of number 6 More London. The office was huge, each little section had clearly done a sweep-stake on the world cup because each section had a country who was playing in the games – I sat in the American part and it was tragically decorated (hate to say it but it was) … some of the sections had properly gone to town on their decorations, the accounts section got Brazil and had made a huge cut-out of the Christ the Redeemer statue which in Brazil overlooks Rio – it was about 6ft tall and super imaginative (I like it!)

Having been really looking forward to the week, it didn’t live up to my expectations – compared to my first week of work experience at BANG Showbiz the most exciting thing I did everyday was helping myself to the different types of tea’s and coffee’s they had in the kitchen. All I seemed to do was work on spreadsheets – my idea of PR, especially being with a company who have so many well-know big brands under their wing, I thought it would be super creative;  loads of idea’s for new campaigns being thrown about the office and some descriptive writing for campaigns – but no, this did not happen and I felt pretty let down about it. Maybe it was just because the company were more corporate than I had thought. So all week I sat behind a computer researching articles about finance (because I was sat with some people on the finance team, and my own mentor had no work for me). However, I did work on two big campaigns – Coca-Cola and Mastercard – on Coca-Cola I helped with the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign which they did last year, but this year Coca-Cola have released over a thousand more names to be printed on bottles. Then when I worked with Mastercard it was a campaign for Christmas – not sure how much I’m allowed to say so I should probably stop there.

I always looked forward to lunchtimes because of where the office was – right on the banks of the River Thames! Looking at Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast whilst I eat my chicken and spinach sandwiches (and people watching of course!)

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge


When lunchtimes were over it was back to staring at a screen and broadening my taste for different teas – my favourite of the week was raspberry and echinacea tea (so good!)

I do feel a bit bad for saying what I felt about my experience at Blue Rubicon, but then again I expected so much from the company as they have so many known brands that really do effect our everyday lives – it just didn’t live up to my expectations and I’m not one to pretend it was the best experience of my life (#realtalk haha!)

Monday 30th June – Friday 4th July @ Woman Magazine:

So after a bit of a not so good week, I was really looking forward to going to the home of IPC Media which is the Daddy to magazines like Cosmo, Marie Claire, Look, NME, Now and Time Magazine just to name a few.

The train to Waterloo East was horrific, just like lasts week – rammed, hot, smelly and I was exhausted from last week’s travelling as it was let alone another week of travelling. I decided to get the train to Waterloo East instead of the train/tube to Southwark which was where the Blue Finn building was – my first day didn’t really go to plan, I got lost trying to get to the building, I ended up in completely the wrong direction. A short walk of 10 minutes took me about 20 – thank god I wasn’t starting until 10:30am that day!

The Blue Finn building was right behind the Tate Modern building, to which looking out the window you could see a new project being built – a super cool twisted-like building which I guess is to house new exhibitions. An extraordinary piece of architecture.

Tate Modern Project 2014

Tate Modern Project 2014


Enough of the buildings, you can tell I’m from a little town can’t you? Haha!

I was shown around the office and introduced to people I would be working with – there’s me thinking that I would be sat with them, writing some cool stuff for the magazine/online – but no. (Can you tell this is going the same way as the week before?) I was put in the ‘fashion cupboard’ with two other girls – our job was to return clothes/shoes to PR companies who had sent them into the magazine (to be photograph for the magazine/online edition) … FUN! The whole week was pretty quiet, there wasn’t much to be returned, so when one of the girls on the fashion desk asked me to do some research for an August feature I jumped at the chance! It was better than sitting in the cupboard-like room staring at a blank email list. I must admit, I did learn some bits about fashion, I mean I didn’t really follow fashion trends I just wear whatever (people say I’ve got a bit of a rocky style), but I learnt what’s going to be on trend this Autumn/Winter – my absolute favourite time of the year! This year I am going to have an obsession with coats and skirts I think!

As a magazine for the more mature lady (35+ I would say) I learnt what brands the magazine preferred and the reason why – as their readers are real women, not some size 0 chick on the cover of their upstairs rivals Marie Claire or Look.

Like Blue Rubicon, lunchtimes at Woman was amazing! The building had a rooftop terrace where we could all sit and eat our lunch. A view which overlooked the whole of London – from the Shard, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral to the London Eye; we could see it all, even the building I was in last week at Blue Rubicon.

Panoramic view on top of the Blue Finn building

Panoramic view on top of the Blue Finn building


It was insane, as you could see!

So much of the week I was running around returning clothes and shoes which was ok – I now know what PR companies I could potentially approach to get more work experience with in the future. I really was looking forward to this week as I haven’t (yet) done any work experience at a magazine and really wanted to just get stuck it – despite asking and having the urge to actually write I was still pretty much running after everyone and searching for items of clothing to return to companies.

All I can say is, you never really know what the experience is going to be like until you experience it (apologies for the amount of times I’ve just said experience, haha!) Despite having two weeks of not so good experience into what life after university could be like, I’m still hopeful for my final week of summer work experience next week (14th July) – it’s at an amazing magazine and they picked my application! Not pressure for me then! You’ll find out more after next week 😀

Having had a super hectic two weeks going back and forward into London, a date night was seriously overdue for me and Mark. We hit up Jamie’s Italian for a two-course meal and some cocktails! WOHOOO!

I have to make a weird face in every photo!

I have to make a weird face in every photo!


Jamie’s Italian was amazing, good cocktails, good food, good price – it was so nice just to relax, let our hair down and for me personally not having to think of traveling into London everyday or having any work experience for a week or so!

We celebrated not only with cocktails (which are my favourite) but with an incredible gooey brownie accompanied by amaretto popcorn and salted-caramel ice-cream!

Best desert EVER!

Best desert EVER!


HOLY SHIT, I’ve been craving that bad boy every day since last Saturday! ‘Must regain self-control’ – what I keep telling myself, haha!

So, that’s my ‘exciting’ two weeks of work experience at two completely different companies – got to say I can’t wait to next weeks! – Watch out for a future blog post about all the tales at this certain magazine, I won’t be hiding anything!

Until next time,

Peace out!

Autumn x