Monday 9th June was the day I headed into the big ‘bad’ city of London all on my own, to start my weeks placement at BANG Showbiz – a small news agency in Kentish Town who write showbiz stories for other agencies.

I was up bright and early every morning – 6:05am to get ready and get to Gravesend train station to catch the train into St Pancras and then to hop onto the tube to Kentish Town.

My first day – Monday – I was pretty nervous as I didn’t know where I was going or what type of week I had coming up, but I made it into Kentish Town – without a problem, believe it or not (I’ve never tackled the tubes on my own, pretty pleased with myself.)


I found the BANG Showbiz office, just off the main streets in Kentish Town – nerves aside I strolled in as I usually do when I don’t know a place (with my head held high – as first impressions count right? I wanted to them to see that I am the best work experience person they’ve had – silly but yano) I sat down in the cool and relaxed office, which had a frosted roof (I felt my self squinting everyday because of the sun’s glare onto the computer screen) to do a test – so they knew how I wrote and my style.

After I had done the test – which was to write as many stories from an interview about Liam Gallagher (a bit dull once I’d written 2/3 stories) as I could – I was told to head to Brick Lane to attend the ‘Chef’ premier at the Backyard Market in East London.


'Chef' premier at Backyard Market, Brick Lane

‘Chef’ premier at Backyard Market, Brick Lane

Having finally found my way to the venue, I was given a super cool press pass (I have never had one before or had the privileges before) and had my questions in hand ready for the cast as they walked down the red carpet later on in the evening.

Press pass for 'Chef'

Press pass for ‘Chef’

We waited ages for the ‘talent’ (actors) to arrive – even in the pouring rain, which was horrendous, at that point I wished I wasn’t there as we were all wet and cold – but then the talent started to arrive. The only people that walked down the red carpet were Andy Bates off the Food Network channel as he set up a ‘food van’ just like Jon Favreau does in the film. And then the star himself Jon Favreau turned up – he was so lovely, he answered all of our questions, despite the horrific rain! What a lovely, humble guy!

I would have thought more of the cast like Scarlet Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, Sofia Vergara or Robert Downey Jr. would arrive – but they didn’t sadly!

Jon Favreau - director, producer, actor and writer of Chef

Jon Favreau – director, producer, actor and writer of Chef

Some of you may not know who Jon Favreau is, but he’s most famous work is directing the Iron Man sequels – still can’t believe I chatted to an actual Hollywood star!

Monday night was a late night as I didn’t leave the premier till 8:30pm, and by the time I traveled back to Gravesend it was late and I was exhausted! But I managed to wake up the next day and prepare to transcribe my interview with Jon Favreau – which actually got published in a couple of places (still pretty surprised!) All in all, Tuesday was a pretty chilled day – I was quite thankful as I was pretty tired!

Wednesday was a super cool day, full of amazing opportunities! I done a number of phone interviews – one with the organiser of the Isle of Wight Festival, John Giddings and another telephone interview with Frank Benbini, drummer of the ‘Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ and ‘Radio Riddler’ – both guys were so lovely to talk to, especially Frank! We were chatting for a good 45 minutes, as he had just completed a reggae remix of Prince’s legendary album ‘Purple Rain’. This interview, in particular, I am pretty proud of – not only was Frank such a down to earth person (despite his fame) but some of our interview got published online on the Mirror website and also on the Irish Mirror website! (so chuffed) – as I was working for a company, they own copyright, hence why my name isn’t on the work.

– Here’s the link to my amazing interview with Frank Benbini on a guest artist featured of ‘Purple Reggae’ …(to say that I am chuffed is an understatement I think)

I will post some more links in a post soon of the places where my work was published!

Anyway, Wednesday was the best day – not only with super cool interviews, but I was given VIP Press Passes to go see ‘The Bodyguard Musical’ with new star Alexandra Burke. I was able to watch the show, with a free glass of champagne (wohoo!) and also to have a Q&A with Alexandra after the show, with a few other journalists. The show was absolutly insane, I have never watched the original film which stars Whitney Houston as Rachel Marron, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. But Alexandra absolutly smashed it – her vocals were on point! There were times I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or singalong! The production was amazing, and the cast got a standing ovation at the end… BRAVO!!! (haha)

'The Bodyguard Musical' at The Adelphi Theatre, London

‘The Bodyguard Musical’ at The Adelphi Theatre, London

The show was so fantastic, it was all I could think about the next day (Thursday). After telling everyone in the office about Alexandra’s brilliant performance (quietly anticipated as she was stepping into Beverly Knight’s shoes as Rachel Marron), I was sent to Morton’s private members club in Mayfair to attend the pre-launch of Sam Faiers’ (‘The Only Way is Essex’ cast member) perfume launch ‘La Bella’. Morton’s has a dress code to which I didn’t know about until I got told I was going just hours before, so I turned up and looked incredibly scruffy (as the office attire at BANG Showbiz is casual – so that’s what I came in dressed like) as Sam Faiers’ friends, management and other guests were so dolled or should I say dressed up? All I can say is thank god I was the first to interview her! She was a nice girl, but she was obviously more interested in the people around her than to stay and answer some of my questions properly – never mind, an experience gained is an experience learnt! It is nice to say that I’ve been to the prestigious members club to interview Sam, despite being so under dressed and feeling totally uncomfortable in an overheated room (bearing in mind that this was one of the hottest days we’ve had in months) – I kinda couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Despite that rocky experience at Morton’s my week experience ended on Friday – Friday was a pretty chilled day. I wrote up what I managed to squeeze out of the ‘The Only Way is Essex’ beauty Sam Faiers and then I was given an interview of Binky Felstead (from ‘Made in Chelsea’) on becoming the new face of Bluebella lingerie – this was also distributed to a few online news agencies.

Then that was that, it was 5pm and time for me to do the commute I’d enjoyed for the last time that week. I was thanked by the team’s manager Phill and was given good feedback on how I worked within the BANG Showbiz team and my efforts – so I must of done some good things, right? Even though I felt a bit let down by their lack of mentoring (I don’t expect to have my hand held but a bit of support would of been nice, instead of feeling alone on the majority of things I was told to do).

All in all it was my first work experience so I didn’t really know what to expect – I have managed to get some good experience (from the events I was sent to) under my belt, despite some negative parts (their support, for one) – not dwelling on the negatives, there were some pretty cool things that I accomplished that week, which I can look back on positively and am grateful for!

It was a decent week, looking back at it. I think it was the green tea I had every morning from Costa that set me up for the day (haha!)

Green tea to start the day!

Green tea to start the day!

These next two weeks (Monday 23rd June till Friday 4th July) are super busy for me in terms of work experience, so watch out for those posts I’m sure I’ll have a story or two to share with you!

Until then,

Peace out!

Autumn x