It is my second year at university and have moved into my new student accommodation for the year only a couple of weeks ago, and I love it. I live with two other girls who are lovely, we get on really well!

Me and mum spent weeks getting everything organised ready for my departure back to Nottingham. I picked these vintage peonie and pedestal covers from Next with matching teal throw for my bed, then the necessary Ikea flat-pack bedside cabinet and lamp – which in my opinion every bedroom needs, they are so stylish yet effortless – that’s if you know how to build them thank goodness for my brother Jake. I was also keeping an eye out for bits and bobs over the summer for my uni room from scented candles [I have pomegranate and raspberry candle from The Body Shop] to the necessities like hangers and baking trays.

It is always exciting getting new things for your room – I try to make my room look as much as my own bedroom at home from the scented candles to the vintage photo frames showcasing precious memories from the summer.

Me in my new uni room – stuff everywhere!

You will get to know that I like things that girls my age probably won’t like, for example I am a massive car lover. Over the summer I went to a car show called Players where car enthusiasts, like myself, go to show case their cars and socalise with like-minded petrol heads. At the show I picked up a little souvenir which proudly hangs on my door keys. It is just a little reminder of something I was part of in the summer.

Players key ring on my flat keys.

I began to settle back into uni life in the city very soon. Myself and a couple of friends decided to go to Nottingham’s famous Goose Fair. The fair has so much history and has been coming to Nottingham for over 700 years, where it used to be in the Old Market Square for locals to trade. Now it’s packed with over hundreds of rides, food vans and amusement games like ‘hook a duck’ and is still a massively celebrated event in Nottingham.

Goose Fair, Nottingham

Myself, and three other friends made it our mission of the night to win small minion toys – from the film Despicable Me. We ended up trying on three separate stalls hooking a duck and throwing darts just to win these little toys. After spending all of our money, alas we finally won a minion toy each – us students can be easily pleased sometimes!

Minion Friends!

And here is me with my minion, I called him Dave!

Myself and Dave

The first few weeks of uni have flown by, time to get my head stuck in a book somewhere…

Until the next adventure, peace out.