I love sleep because it’s a time machine to breakfast – I literally go to bed hungry and breakfast is the first thing I think of when I wake. Breakfast has been dubbed the most important meal of the day by many experts (to which I am not one), there’s so many reasons why it”s important to make your first meal a good one.

Experts say a healthy breakfast will set a precedent for the rest of the day, plus it kick-starts your metabolism. This doesn’t mean your breakfast needs to be super organic, vegan, paleo etc etc. It is simply about fuelling your body in the morning. I tend to stick to the same breakfast during the week and then change it up at the weekend for a bit of a variety and to keep it exciting. I’m sharing a few of my favourites (will a little help from pictures/ideas off Pinterest and from food bloggers) – perfect for any kind of schedule whether it’s a quick breakfast during the week or something more relaxed to share with friends.

The ‘I’m-not-hungry’ breakfast

We’ve all had mornings where the thought of breakfast just isn’t appealing – especially when you have to rush out the door in the mornings. But before we all ditch the most important meal of the day, a blueberry coconut layered smoothie like this one is something that won’t leave you feeling full or lethargic like eggs and bacon. Plus it’s great to have on the go!

The ‘I’m-starving’ breakfast


Like I said above, I am always starving when it comes to breakfast, so this avocado and poached egg breakfast is the perfect fill-me-up breakfast! With good and healthy fats (the eggs and avocado) as well as the slow-release energy from wholemeal bread, this is ultimates of breakfasts in my eyes!

The ‘I’m-craving-something-sweet’ breakfast


I’m not going to lie here, I crave pancakes ALL THE TIME! There’s so many different types of pancakes you can make, I have recently made banana-oaty pancakes and blueberry pancakes (there’s no photo evidence of this because they didn’t exactly come out picture perfect, but were delicious nonetheless!) These toasted coconut pancakes with chocolate sauce are next up on my list to make! They’re pretty healthy as they are made with desiccated coconuts and are topped with bananas (serving suggestion), but the chocolate fudge sauce makes these pancakes the ultimate naughty weekend treat! Nothing says sweet treat than chocolate! (YUM)

The ‘I-want-something-super-savoury’ breakfast


I am a lover of Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach) and have all of his recipe books. This chorizo, eggs and tomato bake is the ultimate savoury breakfast to try. Sprinkled with a bit of parmesan cheese (Joe Wicks would be like ‘guiltttyyyyy’) this dish is great for getting those good healthy fats without scrimping on flavour.

What are your favourite healthy breakfasts? Share them with me in the comments below!

A x