Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here – sorry! The last three weeks or so have been seriously CRAZY! – especially last week (You’ll find out more in my next blog post). From finishing my second year at uni (hurahhh, no more stress!) to seeing Paul Chowdhry (comedian) down in Gravesend to  completing my first week of work experience in London – it’s been super hectic but a joy at the same time.

So, let’s start from where the craziness began – finishing uni and coming home!

Monday 2nd June – Mum came to Nottingham to pick me up – I HAD FINALLY FINISHED SECOND YEAR! Second year has been a bit crazy, from the deadlines to exams to getting to know people that had always been right in front of me to then finding out who really are your friends (a bit somber but who cares?) – it’s been a roller-coaster to say the least.

Uni room all packed up!

Uni room all packed up!

I had tones of stuff to bring home even though mum and Jake took the majority of it back home with them when they came up a few weeks before I was due to leave properly – the car was still rammed though! Crazy how much stuff I actually had up there!

So once we got home from Nottingham to sunny Newbury I could finally relax and enjoy my summer – YES! Unpacking was a pain in the ass (to tell the truth), I had so much stuff I’d acquired from my year in Nottingham but nowhere to put it in my bedroom at home – so shoving it all in my Grandad & Nan’s house was the perfect solution (they don’t mind I hope haha!)

Having had a relaxing few days at home lounging around, I was off on my travels again to see Mark as I had brought us tickets to go see the comedian Paul Chowdhry at the start of the year. He was hilarious! Definitely an up and coming comedian to watch out for – some people may have seen him on ‘Live At The Apollo’ but this was his second tour ‘PC’s World’. He said that the tour name ‘PC’s World’ wasn’t just that PC was his initials but it was to do with political correctness and how to speak to someone who is of a different ethnicity. Paul Chowdhry is unreal at playing with the crowd – calling some of the hecklers bluff making them feel really embarrassed – and so he should, if they can give as much as they did then surly they can take it too! He was by far one of the best comedian’s I have seen in a long time – apart from the usual comedians like Alan Carr and Jimmy Carr that you watch on Channel 4 on a Friday night.

The following day me and Mark headed out for lunch to a beautiful pub in Surrey which overlooked the Wire Mill lake called The Wiremill. The weather was good (for a change) even though it was a bit chilly! We had our own area of the lake where we could look out and gaze over the waters – it was beautiful.

View at The Wiremill, Surrey

View at The Wiremill, Surrey

Our selfie game was high as well that day!

Our selfie game was high as well that day!

The food was pretty delicious too – you know me, always talking about food! I had a beef and beetroot chutney sandwich and Mark had a chicken burger (it had a unique twist to the burger but I actually can’t remember it for the life of me, OOPS!).

I got 'papped' walking down the stairs

I got ‘paped’ walking down the stairs

After sitting by the lake for hours, we headed home because I needed to drive back to Newbury before I hit the traffic on the notoriously busy M25 – for any of you Southerners, you know what it’s like to be stuck on that damn motorway; NOT FUN!

Anyway, the drive back to Newbury was pretty chilled as the sun was starting to settle for the night, I knew that the next few weeks would be career changing … I was off on my first week of work experience – something that I have never properly done before but something I knew would open up my eyes to what career I really wanted. Scary stuff?!

Check out my next blog to find out what I got up to in my first week of work experience – the up’s and the down’s as well as what famous faces I got to meet (with sweaty palms in toe).

Peace out,

Autumn x