SAM SMITH – An artist who hit 2013 in it’s cold ugly face and boy did he leave his mark. With his studio album In the Lonely Hour yet to be released on May 26 2014 this New Year will see an underrated singer-songwriter be appreciated by all – and rightly so!

However, in the last couple of days Mr Smith has thankfully given us a few cheeky hints as to what the debut album, In the Lonely Hour, entails PLUS a sneak preview of the album cover where Sam looks incredibly dashing. He’s revealed ten tracks on the album, including his [soon to be newest] track ‘Money on My Mind’ and also my personal favorite ‘Stay With Me’. All I can say is “Hurry up May 26th!” 

We saw Smith rise to fame when he featured on Disclosure’s breakthrough single ‘Latch’ which is still by far both artists’ best song months down the line – with it’s housey beats and a stunning lyric, which saw the house scene burst into flames. I remember going to see Disclosure back in November 2013 and I was waiting with anticipation to hear ‘Latch’ blast through the speakers. When the melody finally came on, the Disclosure brothers introduced Sam Smith and the venue absolutely roared! He left me with shivers all over my body, despite the gig being a stuffy and sweaty one, his voice sounded like it had been carved by angels – hitting those high notes is an immense skill even for a woman, let alone a 21-year-old man.
The second time we saw Sam appear was to feature on Naughty Boy’s single “La La La” again an awesome song with it’s heavy beats and catchy lyrics – this young man just seemed to be going from strength to strength and it continues…

Having had a firm grasp of 2013 in his hands, Mr Smith not only won the 2014 BRIT Critic’s Choice award but has already released an EP in the summer consisting of four tracks including ‘Safe with Me and ‘Nirvana’ (EP title) just to give us a little taste of what his album In the Lonely Hour entails.
A favourite of mine – you might hear me say that for a lot of Sam’s songs – featured on his EP Nirvana and featured on my third Track of the Week. It doesn’t pack as much punch as what we have previously seen with ‘Latch’ and ‘La La La’, but it is still equally an incredible song in a ballad sense; the power of Sam’s vocals is astounding which for me just lingers in the air around me, whenever I listen to it, and the powerful meaningful lyrics of “Will you take me to Nirvana?” creates a sense of sadness which hits the pit of your soul – it really is that strong!

I have to admit, I first heard ‘Safe with Me’ on Annie Mac’s Annie Mac Presents 2013 album as part of a group of songs that were more chilled, relaxed, but was packed full of meaning and would completely speak for itself – it does not fail on that. This being the first track on Sam’s EP Nirvana it had to be one of the best – which it is. Sam’s soulful voice comes through once again and creates the perfect match with the beat that slowly rolls in and out of your ears. Simply magical!

I guess from this that you think I’m a fan, and yeah I am – Sam Smith creates something fresh, songs that are easy to listen to with their punchy beats and soulful lyrics which is unique in an industry where everyone sounds the same.

This boy is on an absolute roll and I salute you Mr Smith, you are a bloody brilliant singer-songwriter – but hurry up and release your album already!

Peace out

Autumn x