How many times have you heard that one? Yeah probably about a million times just like me – but it can only mean one thing: it’s nearly time to consume a barbaric amount of chocolate in one day that’s humanly possible.

So with Easter only a week away, I thought I would crack out the old apron and get testing some of the best recipes which incorporates all those sweet treats that grace the supermarket shelves once a year like Mini Eggs and Crème Eggs – correction, I’ve only made one of these recipes and went to food heaven, the others I am yet to do, but they’re too good not to share with you. These recipes aren’t just your generic Mini Eggs and Shredded Wheat chocolate nests, oh no – think rich moist chocolate cupcakes covered in Crème Egg butter cream topped crushed Crème Eggs and guilt-free Mini Egg gelato (Queue my rumbling stomach and serious chocolate cravings as I write this… HELP SEND CHOCOLATE!)

Let’s start with an old favourite that everyone has more than likely made, but it’s still up there with the best Easter chocolate creation in my eyes: The Crème Egg Brownie, the ultimate starter for any baking novice. These succulent, gooey squares of naughtiness are amazing and are such an easy way to revamp a normal brownie mixture – did I just say brownies are normal? I retract that statement but you know what I mean haha!

Crème Egg Brownies

Simply make a brownie mixture and after about 20 minutes of baking, with the brownie still soft in the middle, cut your Crème Eggs in half using a sharp knife then place the eggs on top of the half cooked brownies and gently press them down into the mixture. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you can swap the Crème Eggs for other eggs like Lindor Milk Eggs or caramel eggs – anything that’s super gooey and sticky would work perfectly.

For the full Crème Egg Brownie recipe, click on the link below:

If the brownies aren’t enough to satisfy your inner chocolate monster (like mine) why not try Crème Egg white chocolate rocky road? Try saying that with a Crème Egg in your mouth (haha!) This recipe is quick, cheap to make and can be rustled up in around 15 minutes. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can swap the gingernut biscuits for something more chocolaty or less chocolaty, whatever you choose – it’s a great way of incorporating your favourite biscuits and making this recipe your own. The same can be done with the melted chocolate in the mixture and the topping – try using Nutella, dark chocolate or even melting down your favourite chocolate bar for a real indulgent twist.

Crème Egg White Chocolate Rocky Road

Crème Egg White Chocolate Rocky Road


For the full Crème Egg White Chocolate Rocky Road recipe, click the link below:

On to my personal favourites, Mini Eggs! These Mini Egg Chocolate Pancakes are draped in the little jewels and can turn any normal pancake recipe, whether it’s a chocolate batter like this recipe or a normal batter into something indulgent and special for the Easter Weekend.
This has got to be the ultimate breakfast treat, and one that I will be trying for sure next weekend – these soft fluffy pancakes take less than 10 minutes to make and are super easy but effective. Simply making them extra Easter-y (if that’s a word) and sprinkle more mini eggs over them or even half Crème Eggs for an even more satisfying breakfast.

Mini Egg Pancakes

Mini Egg Pancakes


For the full recipe and ingredients, click the link below:

As some of you may already know if you follow me on Instagram, I’ve cut out all dairy in my diet because I have an intolerance to lactose, so this next recipe is next on my list to make because it’s vegan! Even though I can’t wait to try the recipes above, I’ll be doing it at my own risk of feeling incredibly bloated and lethargic the things we do for chocolate hey? I stumbled over this almost-vegan Mini Egg Ice Cream recipe a few weeks ago when I got myself into a bit of a state because I felt like I couldn’t eat any sweet treats since becoming lactose intolerant. I was wrong there’s so much out there, but this recipe gave me hope for the upcoming Easter weekend to satisfy my ever-needy sweet tooth! (I do make myself sound like a right chocoholic, I’m really not, but chocolate does make everything better – apart from feeling guilty after you’ve just eaten a massive bar of dairy milk… back down the gym I go HAHA!)…

Mini Egg Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Mini Egg Dairy-Free Ice Cream


Anyway this ice cream is made from coconut milk instead of cream making it much lighter and healthier for you – healthy ice cream? HURAY! Although it does say you need an ice cream maker, you can easily make this without one – just place the mixture in a tub, mixing it every couple of hours to break up the ice particles to reveal a super smooth and silky consistency. Once nearly frozen depending on whether you want it more ice cream-like than gelato, mix in the Mini Eggs for Easter twist.

For the full almost-vegan recipe click the link below:

Remember the calories eaten this weekend don’t count 😉

Happy baking & Happy Easter!


Autumn x