After what has seemed like years since I last blogged (my last post was April – not that long ago), I have finally gathered enough courage in my dark dark soul to bring you another witty, ingenious and exciting new blog post – YAY I hear you say? I have been researching what other bloggers are writing about and the majority of them are writing reviews on products which they have ‘hauled’ (I’m not keen on that word but I have used it in my title), but anyway, I thought I would do the same(ish). I took myself off shopping a few weekends ago and bought some goodies for myself which I am quite excited to use because I don’t tend to do that thing – I normally order bits online that I know my skin suits. But some of these products I have used before but other’s are brand new, so here goes! Oh, and these products are all perfect for Christmas presents or stock fillers – you’re welcome!

First up, it’s an old favourite of mine Clinique’s Anti-Blemish Liquid Foundation. I started using this foundation back at the start of the year when I decided to ween myself off The Body Shop foundation (especially after I stopped working there) to broaden my makeup horizons in the make-up world, and after reading about it thought I’d head down to House of Fraser and give it a whirl. My skin, I tell you now, it is in a world of it’s own – some days I wake up spotless (cue balloons and celebration music), other days I wake up, look in the mirror and I swear the universe is like ‘nope, she’s had one good skin day time to bring the army of spots in for a week!’ Anyway, I take my skin as it comes daily and this foundation is by far one of the best foundations I have used.
Clinique has designed a foundation as part of their anti-blemish range which an amazing formula that helps to keep blemished skin (like mine) blemish-free – which goes against the old myth that foundation blocks your pores, and gives you spots etc, but no not this foundation!
This ‘magical formula’ contains salicylic acid which exfoliates skin cells (which would otherwise) stick together causing blackheads and whiteheads, hydroxydecanoic acid helping to control the spread of blemishes, plus caffeine to help minimise irritation. With all the goodness this magical formula brings to blemish-prone skin, it is also 100% fragrance and oil free, dermatologically tested, which in my opinion makes it a perfect foundation to wear everyday (goodbye old foundation-pore-blocking myth!)
For me, the thought of wearing foundation everyday makes me feel spotty just thinking about it, but this silky smooth foundation puts my mind at ease because it is actually bettering my skin and it’s lightweight texture means you don’t actually have to plaster it on your face to get a good coverage either. It is so easy to use and with a variety of shades from very fair to deeper shades, I don’t see why everyone doesn’t start using it!

£22.50, available from any Clinique counter or online.

It wouldn’t feel like a cold December without a cheeky purchase from Lush to make you feel and smell oh so festive, would it? Snow Fairy Shower Gel and Santa’s Lip Scrub are two of the three ‘never tried before’ products I bought on this shopping spree, and I am pretty excited! I know everyone loves Snow Fairy and falls for her charmingly sweet smell, but before now I had never seen the attraction to it. The vibrant colour of pink contrasted against black splash backs in the corner of a Lush store lured me in, where unknown to me before, I opened the lid to reveal the sweet scent of candy floss fill which airways. I literally wanted to eat it! This was before I noticed it had added shimmer in it, I knew that when I use this product it would lighten my dark soul and make me shimmer from head-to-toe – there is no doubt that it wouldn’t make anyone feel like a Snow Fairy! But catch it before you can because it’s only around for a limited amount of time in Lush stores!

Next up, I went over to the lip scrub shelf where I needed to restock on lip scrubs – I am a big fan of the peppermint lip scrub from Lush, but because it’s nearly Christmas I thought I would try the limited edition Santa’s Lip Scrub to help make me feel more festive and jolly (I am trying to be, ok?).
This chapped-lip-saviour is made from caster sugar, Persian lime oil and virgin coconut oil which helps protect, scrub and soften lips, and tastes just like cola with an addition of cherries and date extracts (yummy!) Every pot also contains tiny red hearts – just incase you weren’t feeling the festive love already.
I really do like these little glass pots of lip-saving-goodness because you can drop them in your makeup bag or handbag and have kiss-ready lips wherever you are.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel £7.95/250g,  Santa’s Lip Scrub £5.50, both available from any Lush store.

Sticking with the thought of Christmas, I stumbled upon H&M‘s new range of makeup – and since I go to H&M for any fashion basics, I thought why not try something (kind of basic) from their new makeup range. I headed straight to their lipliner stand and picked up the brightest red: Lip Definer in Trailblazer (not so basic picking up the most vibrant red). These affordable little gems come in beautiful Mac-like packaging and dare I say it, they might actually be better than Mac lip liners (cue shocking music and Mac lovers screams of despair!) These lip definers glide smoothly, like butter, which is makes it an ideal product for anyone who wants a hassle-free way to line their lips – because let’s face it, it’s not the easiest of tasks!
I teamed Trailblazer with Limecrime’s Velvetine in Red Velvet and it was a perfect match – the liner didn’t bleed onto my skin, and its matte finish and high pigmentation meant it is was very compatible with a fairly expensive lipstick.
I honestly think H&M are on to a winner with these lip definers!

 £3.99, available from most H&M stores.

There you have it, my first ever review (or shall I say ramblings of a few products I bought), anyway I hope you enjoyed reading my post and will I try and get back into the routine of blogging regularly.

Peace out,

A x