I haven’t bought or been bought perfume in years, but when I opened this on Christmas day I was thrilled. Thrilled because I loved the smell, but there’s no denying the packaging is a bit love/hate. I am more hate than love when it comes down to packaging as it’s over the top in my opinion and slightly unpractical. The bottle is designed after one of Marc’s signature handbags – great, but not when you’re carrying a mini handbag inside your actual handbag. I find myself leaving the top which is incredibly oversize, very gold with an enormous black tassel on the end at home, and just carrying around the bottle which I think is such a stunning colour!

Despite my annoyance with the lid of the bottle it really does scream glam especially being boxed in emerald-green velvet, ultimately follows the tradition of Marc’s handbags and lavish packaging – complete with a faux-snakeskin finish it does weirdly imitate a real handbag.

As expected the perfume packs a powerful scent, one that lasts all day! A rich, woody fragrance with top notes of plum, iris and saffron, a floral heart of rose and jasmine as well as rich amber and vetiver base. Like the packaging some may love or hate the fragrance as it can be overpowering. I personally use my designer-named perfumes for the evening, so this one is no different. It’s long-lasting and can stand hours of dancing, you’ll get home and still be able to smell it.  I have one other Marc Jacobs fragrance (Dot) which is very sweet and sickly at times, but Decadence is a more grown-up scent and the packaging (even though I’m not keen on it) along with the tones of amber helps to create a perfume I’d happily pick up (if I want to overpower my enemy, just kidding!)

Marc Jacobs Decadence is available in 30ml (£49), 50ml (£69) and 100ml (£96).