WOW! So I literally haven’t blogged on here since July, WHAT THE? Instead of me giving you a thousand reasons as to why I haven’t blogged for so bloody long, I’ll just tell you about what’s been happening in my world right now.

Firstly, I’m in the second term of the last year of university – seriously, where has time gone? It’s absolutely manic! Being constantly pulled in so many different directions in terms of uni work like shorthand (it’s the hardest thing to learn but it’s so satisfying when you reach certain speeds), law modules, dissertation work etc, my feet literally haven’t touched the floor since third year has begun. We have just finished a busy week doing practical days everyday (Newsweek), where a team of us produce a local newspaper everyday that could be fit for publication – the whole week actually turned out to be so much fun and such an experience – and now I have a few days off for some R&R – or more like catching up on all the work I buried away and should’ve done and of course, making up for lost blogging time, AHEM, before making my return back up to Nottingham to endure more hard work and stress.

Secondly, as stupid as this sounds I’m finally enjoying my life in many ways possible, despite the constant hard work of university. I’m experiencing things I’ve never experienced before and meeting new people that I know will be here for a long time – as the famous saying goes ‘people either come into your life for a reason or a season’, to be honest I’m not entirely sure it’s a famous saying but my Mum is definitely a firm believer as I am – all I know is that I’ve had my fair share of season ticket holders and I’m saying no more, HAHA!

Anyway, I’m finally taking care of myself because I have the time too – I’m not being pulled by people in opposite directions  (apart from at uni) and for that I am grateful and happy! But looking after myself isn’t just beauty deep, as you guys would’ve known I was working for The Body Shop (up until Christmas) so in terms of beauty regimes and stuff like that I have always taken care of myself, but now I feel like I can properly look after myself. I turned 21 in October and already feel that it could go downhill in a few years or so – as people often say about ‘becoming an adult’ – so I need to look after what I have now (as pretentious as that sounds). But the gym is definitely my best friend, it has been for a few years now (clearly one that is here for a reason and not a season, hey?!) – if I’m not in my room watching Netflix (which I only try to watch at night) or at uni or making dinner which includes my big love sweet potato chips (healthy ones of course) then I’ll be down the gym – and yes I lift weights and yes it has been the best thing for my figure and yeah I might look ‘too muscly’ (YAWN!) but honey, muscles are the new sexy and have been since 2010! (If I could put the sassy emoji lady on here that boy would I, haha).

Right I’m going off topic now. MUST STOP.

Thirdly, well there isn’t really a thirdly and I’m blabbering as usual so I’d just like to put some of my favourite recent moments on here, as to me photo’s speak so much louder than words and they equally mean so much more to me personally – seems weird though as I’m doing a degree on writing, anyway have a browse (laugh if you must at the drunk ones) and I promise on the blog God to keep blogging and blabbering on 😛

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Peace out,

Autumn x