You’ll be glad to know that as I’m writing this Christmas is finally over (sigh of relief of many), life can go back to normal without running round like a headless turkey – excuse the (sort of) pun! Except if you’re off to the sales today – where your dignity and manners await for you at the shop door whilst you become savage for those bargains.

I’d rather stay at home and watch films all day thanks!

Christmas for me every year is pretty chilled. I haven’t got a big family whatsoever – there’s usually only seven of us on Christmas Day (but that means there’s more leftover pudding for me!) and I seem to be the only one who requests some fizzy with their Christmas dinner – god knows where I get that from, however I am the master of a ‘I’m not drunk’ (poker) face.

Even though my brother Jake, 23, and I, 20, are more grown up now Mum always warns us not to wake up before a certain time (8am to be precise). Yesterday was a struggle to get out of bed anyway, the thought of it being Christmas didn’t really excite me. I was more excited to have my hot chocolate and marshmallows for breakfast then anything else!

The only time of the year where this is acceptable to have for breakfast.

The only time of the year where this is acceptable to have for breakfast.

This year I had been really unhelpful (as my Mum would describe me) as to what my family could get me for Christmas – I really didn’t want anything (no joke). I had received some lovely gifts from Mark a few weeks before (we had our own mini Christmas) so I was quite content just opening my Christmas cards and reading the lovely messages inside. So yesterday, we all sat down in my mum’s bedroom and opened our gifts or in my case I opened my cards (I actually didn’t mind). There I was with all my cards – I didn’t just get empty cards, I got some money too and the chance to have my tarot cards read, I’m so excited about that!) and Jake was next to be with his pile of presents which included an electric blanket – such a strange thing to ask for, he’s getting old before his time! My Mum got some lovely gifts too, I brought her an interior design book as inspiration for some design projects she has coming up. We already had everything we wanted, as cliché as it sounded.

We were off to my Uncles for Christmas dinner. I was looking forward to the ‘posh roast’ as Christmas is the only time I seem to have one – being at uni and cooking for yourself on a daily basis is difficult as it is let alone having to make sure the potatoes , chicken and veg are all done at the same time (the stress!). But our family hasn’t always had traditional Christmas dinner – a few years ago we tucked into curry, Sheppard pie and even Thai green curry for our Christmas lunch (they all tasted far better than a boring old Christmas dinner which takes hours and hours and hours to make!) When it comes down to it we don’t mind what it is on our plate, whether it Christmas dinner or jacket potato, we make sure our plate is returned to the kitchen clean – even if we have to hide it in our napkin and flush it down the toilet (my relationship with sprouts, yuck!)

Mum was in the kitchen helping my uncle and his girlfriend cook the dinner, whilst myself and my brother sat around drinking wine and eating chocolates – unhelpful as usual, but the adults seemed to have it all under control so why try and help (that’s our thoughts anyway).

Jake & myself - wine fully in hand.

Jake & Myself – wine fully in hand (excuse the silly face)

We devoured the lunch in seconds, the potatoes and stuffing are my favourite so I always expect them to be just the way I like them (a bit picky I know) – the potatoes have to be super crispy and the stuffing has to be the same. Luckily enough for my uncle which they were pretty much how I liked them (he had a lucky escape). I played it tactical and decided not to eat too much of the dinner as I was saving myself for mum’s homemade chocolate roulade (yes she made it again) – it was even better than the first time and I had two helpings.

Ready set, eat!

Ready set, eat!

A Christmas snooze was on the cards after (probably) eating and drinking my weight in food.

We popped in to see my Nan and Granddad to wish them a ‘Merry Christmas’ and to give them what was left of the pudding (not much after piggy here had eaten what she wanted, oops!)

We came back home to watch some Christmas TV – the best day for TV in my opinion, but we all ended up asleep in a food-like coma and missed everything we wanted to watch, annoyed was not the word I was feeling about that! We had missed Eastenders where Danny Dyer made his awaited appearance, Alan Carr Chatty Man Christmas Special, and Michele McIntyre’s Showtime – I blame the food for my sleepiness as does my mum.

Well here’s to waiting another 364 days until we have to do it all again – eating our weight in food, exchanging gifts, giving warm wishes, falling asleep at prime time and dressing up the dogs in Santa outfits – brilliant!

My favourite Christmas photo ever.

My favourite Christmas photo ever.

Peace out.

Autumn x