Sunday 15th suddenly came around so quick after the adventurous day in London. But today was the time that I’d be driving back home after a long awaited 3 months. I wasn’t going home alone though, Mark was coming with me and I was glad he did because I was slightly nervous about going back because my mum and brother have lived without me for 3 months and I’ve got to fit into their routine, sad I know but it’s how all of us students feel when coming back home – I know that sounds stupid. We arrived at home after being stuck in traffic and feeling as though the heavens actually opened upon us (rained like crazy!) But we made it. The door swung open to reveal my mum with that beaming smile she always has on her face, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I was then hugged by my brother – it’s always a little bit awkward I guess to hug him as when we were little the only contact we’d have together is to punch him (well I would try anyway) or he’d ruffle and pull my hair – standard childish play.

I was home alas!

Mum had made a feast for everyone; meatballs with spaghetti and garlic bread (because I had put in an order to have that when I got back, she jokes around calling the kitchen ‘Karen’s Cafe’) she then made a delicious homemade chocolate roulade. It was out of this world! She’s a secret budding cook my mum – boy does that lady gets better every time she bakes something.

Mum's Homemade Chocolate Roulade, delicious!

Mum’s Homemade Chocolate Roulade, delicious!

Having been truly fed, we all had a chilled night in front of the TV and all caught up on what we all had been doing the past couple of days.

The following day I decided to take Mark around Newbury, so he could see what my home town was like – it was also another excuse to drive my car – I’m a bit sad like that because I do love cars (no thanks to my brother as he made me like them, now I love them) and yes, I am the type of person who names their car.

The Secret Passion.

The Secret Passion.

Newbury town is very quiet, there’s not a lot of shops but I guess that’s because it’s home for me and I’m used to the way Newbury is, but Mark seemed to enjoy seeing a new place and somewhere to explore more.
It always feels weird coming back and going into the town, because it feels like life there stops whilst I go to uni, and then begins again when I come back – it does feel surreal.

On Monday night, I took Mark to a restaurant which is recommended around Newbury called The Halfway Inn. It’s in a place called Halfway which is between Newbury and Hungerford (an equal idyllic town full of one-off boutiques). I had never been there before but my mum absolutely loves it!

Myself & Mark.

Mark & Myself.

And her reasons for raving about the place were justified -it was fantastic, so homely especially with the open fire blazing through the bar area. There was also a grand piano in the corner, which I know is played by a pianist at weekends, that was the background to luxury dark wallpaper with rich fabrics dressing the sash windows. It was a lovely place to be in on such a wet and miserable night – typical English weather!

There was a great choice of food to eat but we both opted for the burger. However we forgot to read that the burger was 10oz, so when it we both looked at each other thinking ‘this can’t be our food’ but it was – our faces must of been an absolute picture.

Dinner at The Half Way Inn.

Dinner at The Half Way Inn.

Despite being daunted by its monstrosity, it was INCREDIBLE!

We couldn’t even eat half of it because it was so filling – Mark said it was something that could feature on Man V Food, a programme where a guy eats a sickening about food as a challenge in different states in America under times conditions (some of it is pretty gross).

After eating as much as our little stomachs possibly could (I could have eaten more and be rolled out the restaurant – my eyes are always bigger than my belly), we headed back to another chilled evening watching Despicable Me (another secret love of mine – the minions are just too cute not to love!)

On Tuesday we decided that we would go back into Newbury and have another Starbucks date – one last one before Mark had to go back home where I wouldn’t see him for a week. It’s starting to become a ritual that we have to do whenever we see one another.

The salted caramel mocha never fails on taste or to warm up those cockles.

The salted caramel mocha never fails on taste or to warm up those cockles.

Some extra cream please? Mark loves Starbucks!

Some extra cream please? Mark loves Starbucks!

But like everything in this world, good things do have to come to an end (but we’ll be having our ritual Starbucks in a week or so) – I’ll be dying for one by then I’m sure!

Now it’s time to spend some quality time with my family and my beautiful friends (who like me are also home for the Christmas holidays), and eat my weight in Christmas dinner and pudding!

Until my next part of Christmas at Home,

Peace out.

Autumn x