WOW 2014! Where did 2013 go? Well I tell you where; hopefully somewhere dark as it was a pretty rubbish year from the horrendous floods in the Philippines, to the death of Nelson Mandela to name a few horrific events the world was faced with. Oh and not forgetting the ridiculous name of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby North West – seriously do they have brains… clearly NOT!

So we have thankfully said goodbye to 2013, and welcomed 2014 with open arms – well, I didn’t personally welcome the new year in with open arms as mine were more folded in a bid to keep warm and stay dry (shock it was raining) whilst watching the fireworks in London with Mark. It was an incredible place to be; everyone was there for the same reasons as us; to watch the London fireworks! The view was spectacular (it actually took my breath away – cheesy but true) and the fireworks were pretty awesome as well – but the rain just had to make an appearance as per usual (sigh).

Speaking of rubbish English weather, why are we getting so much rain? January has got to be the month of looking like a drowned rat (you heard it here first people, it’s this seasons newest trend) – here’s hoping we get a sunny and warm summer (wishful thinking I know).

Anyway, enough of being very British by talking about the weather, when Mark and myself finally dried off from spending NYE in London, we went to a gorgeous pub in Eynsford called The Plough Inn. But first, we had to drive through what seemed like a river to get to the pub, as the river which ran adjacent had burst its banks – wow, I was sweating in places I didn’t know I could (ewww!). Thankfully we crossed that ‘river’ (some may say it was a large puddle, I think otherwise) and ran into the warmth of the pub’s arms (the relief).

A stiff drink was needed to calm my nerves which meant a pint of diet coke for me (my idea of a stiff drink – totally pushing the boat on with my choice of beverage!)

Those 'Stiff' Drinks!

Those ‘Stiff’ Drinks!

We spent the whole afternoon in the beautiful Plough Inn glazing into the open fire as it roared to it’s shivering onlookers.




So Stylish.

So Stylish.


We decided to brace the wet and cold again to get back to Mark’s for a takeaway with his family, as I was to go back home the following day. Me and Chinese food really don’t get along – my eyes are ALWAYS far to big for my belly (it is just not fair!) I’m getting hungry just thinking about Chinese food!

The drive from Mark’s to my home was LONG – I was still nursing a Chinese takeaway food baby! Having had such an amazing time with Mark, as soon as I got home I knew it was only a matter of days before I had to go back up to uni (I hate leaving home) – I do love uni and I worked my ass off to get into uni but I’m such a home girl; the comforts of nice carpet, a shower that is actually powerful and having no noisy neighbors, partying until god knows how late (ahhh the joy!) Anyway, uni was soon descending on me (sad face) but I knew I’d be home before I knew it, as time is going incredibly fast – scary!

Hello Nottingham!

Hello Nottingham!

You’ll be glad to know that I kind of manned up (I did cry) but uni is where I am now, as I write this post – I’ve been back only a day and trying to get back into the swing of things is tiring already – gym, work, revision, uni and having some sort of life (which is easier said than done). Getting the balance is always the best but it’s pretty damn tricky – however I know that sitting in front of the laptop watching the whole series of Breaking Bad seems far much better than doing any uni work or revision (which is my life for the next couple of weeks ‘insert sad face here‘).

Enough of daydreaming about being lazy and watching Breaking Bad, I actually do have revision for a Law exam and an Ethics exam plus a portfolio to make – so wish me luck!

Until next time (hopefully my brain wouldn’t have gone into overload by then)

Peace out.

Autumn x